Danke Helene und Hannes!

Helene and Hannes have contacted me via WWOOF. First came Helene. Very young, wonderful energy, loves cooking and baking. Mmmm, the smell of bread in the house during her stay was just divine. She lovingly took care of the small animals during my frequent work trips to Timisoara. The previous volunteer has a chicken he hated most, she found one to love most and gave the name Potilla. When we found Potilla severely wounded by a wild animal (probably a fox that killed 4 chicken and took one away), Helene was very sad. The next days she did ‘love healing sessions’ with the chicken, holding it, making sure it eats and drinks enough.

Hannes knows a lot about trees. He trimmed all our fruit trees and helped with whatever was needed.

Beyond the exchange of help and hospitality, the time we have spent together was simply a reminder that life is miraculous when you live it consciously and interconnected with others.

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