Discover life in the countryside

Close to Timisoara you find the beautiful village of Stanciova, surrounded by hills and forests. Here life has its own rhythm, atuned to the rythm of nature. You can meet the animals grazing free on common pastures and a great diversity of wildlife all around. atmosfera sat We are a group of young urban people that started as an eco-village initiative and now we live dispersed in a traditional Serbian-Romanian village where people kept their meaningful way of life. What do we do around here? We live. We like to think we live a beautiful life, caring for the Earth, for the people and sharing the surplus. Some of us make soap, some make jams, oils, syrups and vegetable preserves from the yield of our gardens and the surroundings. They are available in our „goodies shelf” for those who want to taste something special and to support our community and the local economy.

Our gates are open for like-minded visitors and we offer our time and knowledge with a variety of activities (donations welcome):

  • village guided tours (walking / biking / with horse pulled wagon)
  • meals with mostly local products
  • cheese making demonstration and tasting
  • soap-making;
  • other local arts and crafts;
  • foraging.

If you would like to stay for a few days, there are acommodation options indoors or with your own tent or car, with access to facilities.

For those who yould like an in-depth experience of the local life, there are two Helpx hosts in the village: host 1 and host 2. For more information about our place and impressions from past visitors and volunteers, feel free to explore the articles written in English on our village blog.


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