2016 in pictures

i can talk visually about 2016 starting from spring when I got my photocamera. i could  dig out 12 pics for you. enjoy!


March: the wild garlic party at the forest. the theme of this forest gathering seems to be babies; at least 3-4 of them bring their parents to Stanciova.


April: this is what we find to eat: radishes, green onions, dandelion leaves, shepherd’s purse, orache, parsley and baby spinach -the first all-local vegan salad of the year!


May: the re-opening of the Shura 129 and a fuzzy bunch of people enjoying the sun.


May: Anselm and I are still working at the plaster of our strawbale home, the last layer with fresh horse shit. mmmmmmh!


June: wonderful Heleen visits her brother Anselm and me at the association house. she’s does a lot of work, takes part in a women’s circle, but also makes some art with Shoric, the dog.


June: Kosmosylvana– the summer edition enters its 4th year of celebrations. this time it lasts a whole week and includes healing plants and mushroom tour, camping in the forest to welcome the solstice and more.


July: a special village festival of popular dances. lots of ensembles come from other parts of Romania to show their skills, and the Stanciova kids are also very talented in Serbian dances. august_batranul-trek

August: my old mountainbike is able to go to the MEB race in  the dark in  Padurea Verde next to Timisoara and to make it back to the village safe and sound, but muddy and tired as hell.


September: Stanciova people are invited to Plai Festival which is very nice. Alchemist Irina shows a curious bunch of people how to make their own care products.


October: yoga in our little straw house, as it is still empty, just before moving all our belongings from the association house. we finally moved in the little blue-white house next to the forest. still in Stanciova and here to stay for quite a while.


November: Anselm makes a table and we start organizing the kitchen with help from friends.


December: Kosmosylvana– the winter edition is magical and fun with a lot of dear old and new friends to embrace the forest together at the solstice.

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