Summer with the helpers

Last night by the camp fire I was gratefully thinking of the summer that passed by. We have hosted volunteers through Helpx and WWOOF and we simply had a great time together…

Here below are only the most recent pictures with some of the work we did in July and August:

Picking potatoes
Storage project – taking off the old paint, with Jay
Marie in the animal yard
Marie learning to make fresh cheese
Marie helping Mihai to mix the plaster (horse manure and earth)
Matt plastering the walls
Matt and Jay working on the shelves
Shelves are taking shape
The boys have prepared an official opening
Jay and Matt, two great helpers divided only by the same native language (UK and Australian English) :D
Wood storage – the old crap walls are off
Wood storage on the way
Wood storage the way we wanted it to look
First piles of wood stored to get dry for winter
All local transports were done in the most ecological way :)
Jay is bored and has a look at the old cupboard
Yeah, Jay (with help from Matt) did a great job on it!
Three handsome volunteers on the way to Cristina’s birthday party
Afternoon relax :)

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