Sunny Stanciova

Amanda has visited Stanciova in September 2011 through WWOOF Romania. Here are her impressions on her blog

Sunny Stanciova  The farm where I was volunteering was in Stanciova, a delightfully tiny village outside Timişoara, near the Serbian border. Stanciova is the home of the Ecotopia Association, of which a few households in the village were a part of it. The members of the association have the goal of creating a model of a sustainable rural community, and they often hosted backpackers and visitors to their community.  (read more…)

Silvio’s Demise I usually try to be an undercover vegetarian. That is next to impossible in Romania; declining meat gets you noticed. (read more…)

The adventures of Bobi and Mr. Cat  The farm also had a diverse cast of characters in terms of non-food animals. Bobi was a loving dog who made Scooby Doo noises when he suffered the terrible misfortune of being chained up and unable to go fight with the neighborhood dogs. (read more…)
Peaches, peaches, peaches for free  September meant harvest, and lots of tomatoes. Under the direction of Teo’s mother, we made tomato juice with hundreds of the most delicious and organically-grown tomatoes from the garden. We also made a red pepper and eggplant spread called zacuscă, preserving it in dozens of jars for the winter. (read more…)
HANSI  Brewing one’s own ţuică was very common. There was usually one distillery for a village, and in the case of Stanciova, that distillery belonged to one of the churches; it had been turned over to the church after the Revolution. (read more…)

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