from Japan :)

I was really lucky that I could stay in Stanciova, it is a beautiful, quiet and calm place and people are nice.

I experienced many new and interesting things there.
I worked in a garden for some hours a day and my host told me how to take care of plants.
Also, we prepared for some workshops of making bread and building a wall in a traditional way and a gathering on weekend. We picked up clay by using a carriage, which was really interesting for me.
What I was impressed in there most is how people manage their lives without technologies. Almost all of things are on hands such as wood stove, making a wall, arranging furniture, making a sink, connecting water pump..
They have wisdom of lives which people in cities forgot depending on technologies.

I really had an amazing time.

Kanako from Hiroshima, Japan, visited Stanciova in May 2011 through website)

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  1. As usual, things always turn up better when you don´t plan them. Romania wasn´t my first option and when I was getting desperate about not getting any response for any of my helpx requests, Teodora´s prompt reply came from heaven.
    Being my first experience with helpx, it could have been better as I received a Five-star hotel treatment all along, getting picked up at the aiport, a relaxing first day at the local lido….and I have to say that it would be the trend along my stay.
    Splitting my time in crazy, busy, buzzy capitals like Madrid, London and B.Aires being in the secluded, quite and peaceful Little village of Stanciova was heaven to my soul. The perfect place to relax and chill out form the capital life.
    The most I like and enjoy about Stanciova was the awesome, beautiful and lush forest at its back. The perfect place to loose yourself. Even people in Stanciova lead simple, humble lifes living with Little, this made me realised that wealth and well being should not be measured in terms of money or material possesions.
    The work was varied: gardening, decorating, arranging activities for the local children and it was very light. Teodora lets you work at your own pace and doesn´t make you work hard and I was given a lot of days off.
    As I had my own prívate room and food was cooked for me (Teo´s mum very concern about me not eating enough), at some point it felt guitly like getting free holidays for not doing much work in return!!!
    I also spent lot of time on my own which it was good for introspection and soul-searching, but probably not your place if you are the sociable type.
    But for me the most remarkable thing was I found Teo and her friends a very inspiring people, the kynd that stimulate you into action, people who pursue their dreams and work towards other life style.
    It was not only her & her mum who were extremely hospitable to me, but also all her friends i was introduced to, were extremely generous , hospitable and nice. They made feel part of their Project.
    Teodora hospitality extended beyond, she even sorted out the remaining of my stay in Romania!!! She send me to some friends in Trasylvania who, as it couldn´t being otherwise, were marvellous, generous , sweet and nice. Not even your grandma treats you with such care.
    Of course, a mention to Mihaela, the sweet girl who kept me very amused with all the play and games and taught me some romanian. It was hard to say bye-bye to her & her cuddles.
    In conclusión, for the first time with helpx was awesome, meeting very inspiring people, feeling extremely well look after, cared and spoiled.

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